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Family Gatherings & The Greater Good

Over the holidays, I attend my husband’s family gatherings. One was at one of my favorite places.  It is a large barn that had been renovated to add a full kitchen area for catering large events.  There is a pond, wedding chapel, and small petting zoo on site!  As we walked in we were first greeted by two friendly goats meandering by the front door.

I did not bring my service dog. This does not mean that I am no longer disabled.  I wasn’t even having a good day – I almost did not make it at all, due to my digestive system malfunctioning, but we made it, albeit a bit late.

It was up to my dear husband to help me teeter around trying to not make the nerve pinched by my hip any worse than it already was.  He knows where all my medication is in my purse, and although he cannot alert for me, he can get me out of view or even bodily carry me should anything happen.

I was so ridiculously excited to pet the baby cows!!!

It’s not as convenient as having Grace, my service dog, with me.  But it keeps the peace.  It is an accommodation I am willing to make for the comfort of my husband, his family, and the animals that live at that location.  I’m fairly certain many of his extended family have no idea of my health issues, and I am completely fine with that.

In any relationship accommodation is a two-way street.  I appreciate my husband’s support, and am willing to meet him halfway to ensure he also is comfortable.