Service Dog Awareness Education

for Businesses Charlotte NC

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Service Dog Awareness Education
For Businesses

How Can Paws Then Play LLC
Help Your Business?

Most companies are aware of the huge settlement agreement between the United States of America Civil Rights Division and Wal-Mart Stores Inc., January of 2009. The settlement resulted in mandatory remedial action, new policies, training, procedures, monetary compensation, public service campaigns and more. Prevent that from happening to your company.

A Paws Then Play LLC business seminar effectively communicates applicable laws to your employees and explain how to apply the laws regarding service dogs in multiple business scenarios. More importantly than just informing employees on the applicable laws, Lindsay would explain when and how to apply this knowledge safely.

Service Dog Awareness Education for Businesses | Paws Then Play LLC Charlotte NC

Business Customer with Service Dog

Employees and business owners can walk away knowing what they can ask a service dog team, how to ask, and why this is important for the benefit of your business. Learning to interact correctly with a service dog in the business setting benefits a business by preventing litigation and gives you the tools you need to have positive interaction with all of your customers.

Seminars and training sessions are tailored for the company’s leaders and employees and offered monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on turnover trends. Investing in these service dog awareness education presentations will protect you by providing clear instruction for smooth interactions with service dog handlers.

These 30-45 minute discussions clarify why service dogs are important to their disabled handlers, and when situations need to be addressed for the safety, enjoyment, and well-being of patrons and staff alike. The two legally permitted queries that a business must use are examined in detail, so utilization can be optimized for the benefit of all parties involved.

Lindsay demonstrates how to handle encounters with service dog handlers to prevent issues before they can occur. She also highlights sensitivities that may not be apparent initially. While avoiding a messy scenario is always preferable, sometimes misunderstandings occur. She can provide the legal guidelines that can protect your company, as well as the most gracious and effective ways to present them.

Service Dog Awareness Education for Businesses | Paws Then Play LLC Charlotte NC

Customer with Service Dog in Grocery Store

Paws Then Play

Paws Then Play LLC is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our vision is to educate and serve those who are disabled and need help to navigate the world with their service dog. We educate businesses on their rights and responsibilities with handicapped persons and their service dogs.

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About Me

My name is Lindsay Brown, and I have experiences that make me uniquely suited for the business I created. I have intensive training with animals including conditioning my own service dog, managing my own disabilities daily, researching laws specific to service animals.

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I love animals and have worked in different fields of dog training and also with horses. I have also worked my own dogs at shows and teach others about training, service dog legal issues, and how to manage disabilities in daily life with the assistance of a service dog.

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Over the past few years I’ve focused my time and energy on educating businesses and individuals here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area on all things pertaining to service dogs. I also consult with individuals interested in how a service dog can assist them as well as evaluating and training rescue dogs with the Greater Charlotte SPCA.

If there’s any way I can be of assistance to you in answering any of the above questions or regarding service dog awareness education in general, please reach out to me! I would love to hear from you. I can help you to understand more about service dogs and your rights and responsibilties.